Crinum Pictures

Variety Breeder Photo by Description
Crinum asiaticum species Marta White variegation
Crinum asiaticum species Marta Cream variegation
Crinum asiaticum x digweedii. Works Works This is Roy Works' new hybrid of a red leaf Crinum asiaticum and C. digweedii. It has the darkest foliage of any that he has grown or seen.
Crinum asiaticum x americanum Clark Clark
Crinum asiaticum x zeylanicum Clark Clark
Crinum bulbispermum x macowanii Clark Clark
Crinum bulbispermum x procerum Clark Henderson Please note that this bulb was grown by John Henderson, and these are his photos. So far, this is the only hybrid of that cross to bloom with (non-white) pink flowers.
Crinum 'HanMac' Clark Clark This is a seedling of one of Hannibal's macowanii hybrids, I would guess it to be about an F3. This one is dwarf, other sibs are normal size. Note the similarity to 'Spring Joy'. This plant is fertile both ways.
Crinum japonicum species Marta Showing spots
Crinum japonicum species Marta Showing branching
Crinum 'Ellen Bosanquet' ? Bosanquet King Unknown ancestry
Crinum 'Lorraine Clark' Clark Clark Ellen Bosanquet x C. scabrum
Crinum 'Lorraine Clark' sport Clark Clark Variegated sport of Crinum 'Lorraine Clark'
Crinum moorei hybrid F2 Clark Clark This is a F-2 hybrid of moorei, the exact parentage is unknown. Note the distinct white throat in the flowers of this seedling. The picture does not show the distinct white throat very well. (BC)
Crinum 'Nexus #5' Clark Clark Complex hybrid
Crinum pedunculatum x scabrum   Henderson Hybrid and pics by John Henderson. This hybrid is similiar to my asiaticum x scabrum which was a somewhat difficult cross to make, very few seeds from hand pollinating many flowers. A wonderful garden plant, smaller in size than asiaticum. (BC)
Crinum 'Rose Parade' Clark Clark
Crinum scabrum x 'Spring Joy' Clark Clark The scape is about 15-20 inches tall and the leaves are about 15 inches long, which makes this plant a small hybrid suitable for smaller gardens, a little two large to be a mini. The sibling # 1 is white flowered. In this cross, seedlings had either white or pink flowers, I had the same results when 'Spring Joy' was crossed with bulbispermum (the 'Nexus' series of hybrids), some were white flowered and others were pink, so 'Spring Joy' is hetergeneous for pink and white. The strange thing is that in the 'Nexus' cross, a few of the hybrids have upright flowers with straight tepal tubes, which is one of the major traits for classification in Crinums. The tubes should have been curved like you see in all the other Codonocrinums. (BC)
Crinum scabrum x asiaticum Clark Clark
Crinum 'Spring Joy' Hannibal Clark Les Hannibal's dwarf hybrid. Fertile both ways, and aproximately 18-20 inches tall.
Crinum x powellii rosea Hannibal Hannibal Clark The pink Powelii that is sold by growers is completely inferior to those by Les. Les made some wonderful powelli hybrids because he had superior forms of bulbispermum to work with. I have bloomed other of his x powellii hybrids. They are different and just as nice. All are shades of pink to dark pink. If you ever saw the commercial form of x powellii rosea with its tiny little trumpet flowers, you would rave over Les' hybrids. (BC)