The Garden Magazine 18(3): 90  (Oct. 1918)

American Pillar Rose

THIS splendid single climber is winning international favor. It is spoken of in the foreign press as one of the best of all climbing Roses and leads the correspondent in a recent number of the (English) Gardeners' Chronicle to speak of it as an interesting straight hybrid between two species, it may be well to note what Dr. W. VanFleet, now with the United States Department of Agriculture and who originated this Rose, in his experimental gardens at Little Silver, N. J., says in a recent letter to me, as to its origin:

"The American Pillar Rose was raised by me in 1898 from seed of a Wichuraiana-setigera cross pollinated with a bright red Remontant Rose seedling, that had a touch of Polyantha or rather Rosa multiflora in its make-up. It thus contains the blood of four Rose species, but I regard it as essentially a Wichuraiana-setigera hybrid. This variety appears to succeed under very diverse conditions."—L. B.