Flora Americae Septentrionalis (1814) vol. 1, pp. 344-346
Frederick Pursh

414. ROSA. Gen, pl. 863.

blanda 1. R. germinibus globosis glabris, caulibus adultis pedunculisque laevibus inermibus, foliolis (7) oblongis subaequaliter serratis glabris, petiolis glabris subaculeatis.—Willd. sp. pl. 2. p. 1065.
Icon. Andrews's roses. Miss Lawr. roses 27.
In Canada, near Hudson's Bay, and on the river St. Laurence. 1. May-Aug. v. v. The younger branches are covered with straight red spines; the older ones unarmed and shining red.
parviflora 2. R. germinibus depresso-globosis pedunculisque hispidis, petiolis pubescentibus subaculeatis, caule glabro, aculeis stipularibus rectis, foliolis elliptico-lanceolatis simpliciter serratis glabris, floribus subgeminatis.—Willd. sp. pl. 2. p. 1068.
R. carolina. Du Roi harbk. 2. p. 335. Mich. fl. amer. 1. p. 295.
R. pensylvanica. Wangh. amer. p. 113.
R. humilis. Marsh. arb. 285.
In woods on the side of hills: New York to Carolina. ♄. June, July. v. v. About two feet high. There are a number of varieties of this species.
nitida 3. R. germinibus globosis, calycibus pedunculis ramisque hispidis, petiolis pilosiusculis inermibus, foliolis (7) oblongo-lanceolatis utrinque nitidis glaberrimis.—Willd. enum. 544.
In Pensylvania and Virginia. ♄. June-Aug. v. v. Petals red, obcordate.
lucida 4. R. germinibus depresso-globosis pedunculisque subhispidis, petiolis glabris subaculeatis, caule glabro, aculeis stipularibus rectis, foliolis ovato-lanceolatis obtusius culis grosse serratis glabris nitidis, floribus subgeminis, calycinis foliolis iolis integris.—Willd. sp. pl. 2. p. 1068.
R. carolina. Walt. fl. car. 149.
Icon. Dill. elth. t. 245. f. 316.
On the borders of swamps: New York to Carolina. ♄. July, Aug. v. v. From four to six feet high.
gemella 5. R. germinibus depresso-globosis pedunculisque glabris, floribus subgeminatis, foliis oblongis acutis opacis, petiolis venisque subtus pubescentibus, aculeis uncinatis infra axillaribus caulinis geminatis.—Willd. enum. 544.
On dry sunny hills: New England to Carolina. ♄. July, Aug. v. v. A low shrub; flower red, large.
Lyonii 6. R. germinibus subglobosis glabriusculis, pedunculis hispidis, petiolis subaculeatis, caule glabro, aculeis sparsis rectis, foliolis (3-5) ovato-oblongis acutis serratis, supra glabriusculis, subtus tomentosis, superioribus simplicibus, floribus subternatis, stipulis linearibus, calycis laciniis tomentosis linearibus vix laciniatis.
In Tennessee. Lyon. ♄. July. v. s. in Herb. Lyon.
Flowers pale red; leaves small, with coloured veins.
setigera 7. R. germinibus globosis, petiolis nervisque aculeatis, ramis glabris, aculeis geminis sparsisque, foliolis (3-5) acuminatis glabris, calycinis foliolis subpennatim setigeris.—Mich. fl. amer. 1. p. 295.
In swamps of Virginia and Lower Carolina. ♄. June, July. v. v. c. fr. From five to eight feet high.
carolina 8. R. germinibus globosis pedunculisque subhispidis, petiolis pilosis subaculeatis, caule glabro, aculeis stipularibus subuncinatis, foliolis (5-7) oblongo-lanceo. latis acutis argute serratis subtus glaucis, floribus co. rymbosis.—Willd. sp. pl. 2. p. 1009.
R. corymbosa. Ehrh. beitr. 4. p. 21.
R. virginiana. Du Roi harbk. 2. p. 353.
R. pensylvanica. Mich fl. amer. 1. p. 296.
Icon. Andrews's roses. Miss Lawr. roses 3. 24.36. 54. 66. 68.
In swamps and on the banks of ponds: New England to Virginia. ♄. June, July. v. v. From five to six feet high. There are a great number of varieties of this species.
rubifolia 9. R. germinibus globosis pedunculisque hispidulis, calycibus inexpansis muticis, foliis ternatis subtus pubescentibus, petiolis glandulosis aculeatisque, caule glabro, aculeis stipularibus sparsisque subaduncis, floribus co. rymbosis. Ait. kew. ed. 2. 1. 3. p. 260.
In North America. Mason. ♄. June, July. +.
laevigata 10. R. germinibus ovatis promisse hispidissimis, calycis laciniis integris, aculeis geminatis recurvis, petiolis subaculeatis, foliolis (3-5) lanceolato-ovalibus subenervibus laevigatis, stipulis angustis subulato-mucronatis.—Mich. fl. amer. 1. p. 295.
In shady woods of Georgia. ♄. v. v. s. fl. An evergreen; climbing to a great height.
suaveolens 11. R. germinibus ovatis, pedunculis petiolisque glanduloso hpchs, petiolis subaculeatis, caule glabro, aculeis sparsis rectis tenuibus, foliolis (5-7) ovatis serratis subtus vix glanduloso-piIosis, ramulis unifloris, calycis laciniis integris.
R. Eglanteria americana. Andrews's roses, cum icone.
pendulina 12. R. inermis; germinibus oblongis, pedunculis petiolisque hispidis, caule ramisque glabris, fructibus pendulis. Willd. sp. pl. 2. p. 1076.
Icon. Miss. Lawr. ros. 9. Dill. elth. t. 245. f. 317.
In North America. ♄. May, June. v. v. in Hortis.
Known by the name of Rose without Thorns. I never have seen this plant in its indigenous state.

  R. germinibus globosis pedunculisque glabris, ramulis hispido-spinosis, foliolis (7) glabris ovalibus acuminato-serratis, petiolis inermibus, floribus solitariis, lacinus calycis lanceolatis cuspidatis, petalis ovalibus obtusissimis.
In Carolina. ♄. May, June. v. v. in Hort. Lee. Flowers white, with a faint tint of yellow.

Du Roi harbk. = Die Harbkesche wilde Baumzucht theils Nordamerikanischer. vol.2, 1772
D. Johann Philipp Du Roi

p. 353 R. virginiana
10. ROSA (Virginiana) calycibus integris petalis longioribus germinibus: globosis hispidis: pedunculis glabris: petiolis carinatis villosis: foliolis ovatis glabris: floribus umbellatis.
Rosa (Virginiana) inermis, foliis pinnatis, foliolis ovatis serratis utrinque glabris, calycis foliolis indivisis. Mill. 10.
Rosa sylvestris Virginiensis du Ham. arb. 54.
The wild Virginia Rose.
Rosier sauvage de Virginie.
Die Virginische Rose.

pp. 354-355 R. carolina
11. ROSA (Carolina) calycibus subintegris petalis longioribus: germinibus globosis, pedunculisque subhispidis: caule aculeis rectis stipularibus: petiolis glabris: foliis ovatis serratis glabris.
Rosa (Carolina) germinibus globosis hispidis, pedunculis subhispidis, caule aculeis stipularibus, petiolis aculeatis L. Sp. P.
The Swamp- or Marsh-Rose.
Die Carolinische Rose.

du Ham. arb. = Traite des arbres et arbustes, que se cultivent en France (1755)
M. du Hamel du Monceau

54. ROSA sylsvestris Virginiensis. Raii. Hist.
Rosier sauvage de Virginie.