Peter Harris' Roses

Golden Showers as a Parent (1975)

PG01 Playgirl seedling
This one is right at 4" in diameter. Fragrance is light but noticeable, of the "fresh" sort, very much like that of the climber 'New Dawn.' Petals have good thickness. Leaves are dark and glossy. Another bud is developing as this one opens.

BR5-15 Scarlet Knight x R15
This one is really vigorous—has 3 canes coming from the bottom, 4 branches on the top. About 8-10 inches tall. Flower is about 2" diam.

B1501 Carefree Beauty (Bucbi) x R15
This one has a slight, sweet fragrance. The petals are about the same length as those of H503. I'm pretending not to see the petaloids or the mildew on the leaf. My first one from this cross.

H5-03 Heritage x R15
This one is very fragrant, similar to Heritage, but slightly sweeter. About time I got some fragrance from this cross. The petals are long—about 1.5"—yielding a first flower of more than 3" diam.

DE02 Darlow's Enigma seedling DE02 is fragrant (in typical musk fashion, it's more fragrant when the humidity is high)— quite. The flowers are about 1 3/4" in diameter, btw. It almost always has a few on it, like DE, but never has a large truss in bloom at the same time. About the most I've seen in bloom at one time is 1/3 of a truss.

The hardiness is the question. Darlow's Enigma is hardy, but this one looks even more like the Noisettes than DE does. Did I tell you I put some tetraploid pollen on it this summer and got almost total rejection from it? There's only one berry, and that may be an open pollination. Anyway, I've rooted 5 small plants of it (it rooted very easily), so I'll feel better about risking one plant outdoors in the winter. One rootling has 3 leaflets on it and is waving a bud on the tip of the shoot. Do you remember the original of this thing? The thing with branches like pack thread? It's about 3' tall now, and more or less the same width, and still begins new growth before the flowers are all gone on a branch. Things that grow that eagerly are usually less dormant in the winter....

BR504 (Scarlet Knight x R15) Has a good number of pistils and anthers, so improvement in petal count is possible, and fertility is likely.

R501 (Royal Bassino x R15)

11D (Fragrant Cloud x Golden Wings)

BR505 (Scarlet Knight x R15)

Unnamed red HT

721321 (Golden Showers x Tropicana)
Pleasant light fragrance

Q15 (Queen Elizabeth x Hazeldean)
Hardy and gets no disease, but blooms only once.

K1601 (Medallion x Golden Wings)

R15 (Golden Showers x Hazeldean)
Fine, strong fragrance.

GSHAG (Golden Showers x Agnes)
Some blackspot

FL01 (Sun Flare x open pollinated)
The Sun Flare OP has good dark yellow color, but the center seems a tad low. Substance is excellent on the OP, and it has a bit of sweet, honey-like fragrance..

F1501 (Sun Flare x R15)
The petals in the center seem OK; has only slight fragrance. Began as pale yellow, now is old ivory. R15 branching habit seems dominant here—this has 3 buds on it. Leaves are glossy.


R15 (BR5)
... not much to look at in this picture, but it opened out very nicely in the cupped shape of R15, and lasted about 2 1/2 weeks under the lights. I like the color, and the plant seems vigorous.