Email from Dec 9, 2015
Some more Peter Harris seedlings

The parthenogenesis sounds as likely as anything. Right now I have seedlings from (Basye's Blueberry x Frontenac) x [(clinxbrac x Robin Hood) x a red Chuckles seedling]—and I'm pretty sure that is what they are (I emasculated before the blooms opened, etc). But so far no clear evidence of any influence from the clinophylla x bracteata line. The flowers are pink, with few petals and few stamens and few pistils. Only 2 or 3 of these 30+ seedlings show any evidence of anything other than the seed parent in the leaves (these are not among those that have bloomed so far). In short, these look pretty much like OPs of the seed parent (I grew quite a few of these in 2013, so I'm familiar with general appearance of selfs/OPs), I used the same pollen on Bill Reid, and have quite a few seedlings coming along from that cross, so will see if the influence of the clinxbrac line disappears there too.