A Rose Odyssey (1937)
L. Reymond
J. H. Nicolas

L. Reymond, of Villeurbanne, is the dean of the profession and surnamed "Papa Reymond." He retired a year ago because his wife's health forces them to spend the winter on the sunny Riviera. He was an associate of Pernet for years and was his lifelong friend. Reymond and Pierre Bernaix were the two quantity rose growers of Lyons, each averaging about 150,000 plants a year. Reymond had a reputation in France for producing the best plants, not in size, as size has nothing to do with the intrinsic quality of the plant (Please the gods that the American public may learn that!) but in harmony of the bush, floriferousness and maximum development of the variety. This was done by meticulous selection of budwood, of which art Reymond made a life study. It became a hobby with him. I spent many hours with him in the broiling sun of August, clipping a branch here and a branch there. Several years ago there was a discussion in American Rose Society circles about the genuineness of the American stock of Général Jacqueminot. I studied the question abroad and found at Reymond's a line of magnificent everblooming Général Jacqueminot, descendants of the original stock he had inherited from his uncle Roussel, the originator. These had been improved almost to the status of a Hybrid Tea in floriferousness. We acquired enough plants from Reymond to rejuvenate our stock and the Général Jacqueminot stock of Jackson and Perkins is of authentic French origin.

Vegetative Selection