Gardeners' Chronicle ser. 3, 9: 235 (Feb 21, 1891)
Graft Hybrids
Maxwell T. Masters

One of the best authenticated cases of the kind is that described in our columns in 1860. In this case, Mr. Poynter budded Rosa devoniensis on to a white Banksian (fig. 51), with the result that a sport was formed which was neither true devoniensis nor true Banksian. The sport was "greatly increased in vigour and in the size of all the parts, the leaves were also half-way between a Banksian and a Tea-acented Rose." What became of this sport we have never heard.

Proc. Roy. Hort. Soc. 1: 249 (July 12, 1860)

Gardeners' Chronicle p. 672 (July 21, 1860)
Fig. 51.—Sporting Branch of Rosa Devoniensis.