Rosa banksiae

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Thomas Rivers: A Descriptive Catalogue of Selected Roses (1837) p. 10
Banksia rosea – vivid rose – cupped and double

Thomas Rivers: The Rose Amateur's Guide, 2d ed., 1840, p. 90
The Rose-coloured Banksian Rose is a hybrid, with very bright rose-coloured flowers, the whole plant partaking as much of the character of the Boursault Rose as of the Banksian: in fact, it is a most complete mule; and though it has lost a little too much caste in the shape and size of its flowers — for they are a degree larger, and not quite so double as those of the Banksian Rose — it will prove a very pretty, bright-coloured climber, and quite hardy.
... Banksian Roses seldom bear seed in this country; but in the South of France, and in Italy, they produce it in tolerable abundance; so that we may yet expect crimson and other coloured roses of this charming family.

Wood: The Floricultural Cabinet and Florists' Magazine Magazine 9: 195 (Sep 1841) Banksia rosea is a slight deviation from the true Banksia; it appears to bear an affinity to some of the Boursoult Roses of humbler growth.

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S. B. Parsons: The Rose: its History, Poetry, Culture, and Classification (1856) (appendix) Commercial Garden and Nursery of Parsons & Co., Flushing, near New York. p. 34
#1957 – Banksia Rosea — Rose colored, hardy.

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Roy Sheperd: History of the Rose (1954) p. 88
Although explorers have reported finding a pink form in China, it has never been introduced, and the only variety of that shade is Rosea, a hybrid created by Boursault in 1824, by crossing the double white form with a garden rose of unknown identity. The flowers are larger but not as full as the Double Banks Rose, though the plant is more hardy. This was the best of many Banksiae seedlings raised by Boursault in his conservatory near Paris from a plant that he had brought from England in 1817.

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Gerd Krüssmann: The complete book of roses (1981) Page 152
R. banksiae rosea (= R. banksiae alba plena x unknown red garden rose; 1824).

Basye: Thornless Fortuniana (1988)

Purezza [Tom Thumb x R. banksiae lutescens] (Mansuino, 1960)

The Monster [R. banksiae banksiae X Old Blush] (Tunningley, 1995)

Old Lady Gates [Kiftsgate X The Monster] (Tuningley, 2000)

Lila Banks [Lilac Charm x The Monster] (Rippetoe, 2002)

Rosa banksiae normalis

Rosa banksiae banksiae

Rosa banksiae lutea

Rosa banksiae lutea single