Some Account of the General and Medical Topography of Ajmeer, p. 196 (1841)

Robert Hamilton Irvine


Rosa Centifolia: Hundred-leaved Rose. Hind: Desee Goolab. Very commonly cultivated.

Rosa Chinensis: China Rose. Hind: Chini Goolab. Cultivated in gardens and thrives well: also a damask variety.

Rosa Glandulifera: Gland-bearing White Rose. Hind: Sewti. Commonly cultivated in gardens, always in blossom and thrives well.

Rosa Involucrata: Involucred White Rose. Hind: Sufaid Goolab. This species flowers twice during the year, and some times every month; and was procured by me from Lucknow. It is very like the Maiden's Blush Rose, and is beautiful and fragrant.

Rosa Bifloreus: Twice-flowering Rose: Hind: Suda Goolab; Bhadoori Goolab. This beautiful species is the most common at Ajmeer; the rose is large, double red, and flowers after cutting in March and April, and again without cutting in August, and in a good soil flowers constantly more or less. The sepals are exceedingly prolonged, and sometimes turn into pinnate leaves.

Rosa Alba: Single White Rose. The flower is large and pure white and was brought to Ajmeer from the hills.

Fragaria Elatior: Hautboy Strawberry. Cultivated in some gardens; but does not thrive in this climate, which is probably too dry.

Ajmer is a district in Rajasthan state in India.