1845 & 1846
Catalogue of Roses

Hovey & Co.

Class IX. Austrian Briars, (Rosa lutea, &c.)

No. Name. Form Color and Character Price
457. Austrian Yellow exp. yellow   50
458. Austrian Copper exp. yellow and reddish copper   50
459. Double Yellow, (Williams's) cup. pale yellow   75
460. Harrisonii* cup. bright yellow   75
461. Hogg's Yellow cup. pale yellow   50
462. Hogg's Straw colored cup. straw colored   50
463. Persian Yellow,* cup. rich deep yellow, double and superb 1 50

Class X. Sweet Briars

No. Name. Form Color and Character Price
454. Celestial cup. Pale blush    50
455. Rose Angle* cup. Deep lilac rose   50
456. Victoria cup. rose   50

Class XI. Climbing Roses, in Seven Sections.


All the Prairie roses flower in very large and beautiful corymbs or clusters, from one to two weeks after other roses are out of bloom.

No. Name Form Color and Character Price
464. Anne Marie, (Pierce's)* cup. rosy pink, very double and. superb, 1 50
465. Baltimore Belle, cup. white, with blush centre, in immensely large clusters, fine, 1 00
466. Common Michigan, exp. pale rose, single, 0 50
467. Caradori Allan, (Feast's) cup. bright pink, very fine, 1 50
468. Eva Corinne, (Pierce's)* cup. pale blush, extra double and fine, 1 50
469. Elegans, cup. bright rose, semi-double, 0 50
470. Jane, (Pierce's) cup. deep rosy lilac, very double, 1 50
471, Linnaeaan Hill Beauty, cup. light blush, beautiful, 1 50
472. Mrs. Hovey, (Pierce's) cup. pure white, very large and superb, 3 00
473. Mrs. Henry Clay, (Feast's) cup. creamy white, very fine, 2 00
474. Milledgeville Prairie,* cup. clear brilliant carmine, very splendid, with beautiful glossy foliage, 1 50
475. Pride of Washington, cup. rosy lilac, double and fine, 1 50
476. Pallida, cup. pale blush, very fine, 1 00
477. Perpetual Pink, cup. deep pink, changing to purple, fine, sometimes blooming in autumn, 1 00
478. Queen of the Prairies,* cup. brilliant rose, beautiful form, 0 75
479. Ranunculiflora, cup. blush, small and very pretty, 1 50
480. Superba,* cup. pale rose, very beautiful, 0 75
481. Triumphant cup. deep rich rose, double and superb, 1 50

The above embrace many new and superb seedlings, not before offered for sale. They are all very rapid growers, perfectly hardy, and quite invaluable to every garden. No roses can surpass some of these varieties. Several other new varieties are in cultivation, which will be offered for sale next year.

Cup. (cupped)
Exp. (expanded)
A few marked thus *, are highly approved kinds, desirable in every collection, large or small.