Pittonia 5(27): 109-110 (Aug 1903)
New or Noteworthy Species—XXX
Edward L. Greene
Professor of Botany in the Catholic University of America,
Washington, D.C.

ROSA YAINACENSIS. Apparently low and depressed, the branches only 6 or 8 inches long, unarmed except by pairs of stout and prominent nearly straight infrastipular prickles: stipules terminating rather acutely, their margins closely beset with subsessile glands; rachis of the leaves with a few slender prickles and more numerous short-stalked glands: leaflets in about 3 pairs, rather closely approximate, oval to obovate, nearly sessile, doubly serrate, glabrous and deep-green above, pale and puberulent beneath; peduncles of the mostly solitary flowers densely glandular-hispid under the calyx, but the tube of this perfectly smooth and glabrous, subglobose; the oblong foliaceous-tipped lobes with some scattered prickles about the basal portion: corollas small: fruit not seen.

Hills of the Yainax Indian Reservation, southeastern Oregon, 1893, Mrs. R. M. Austin; types in my own herbarium.

ROSA ALDERSONII. Apparently a low bush, the slender stem and branches glabrous and very glaucous, destitute of prickles except as to a pair of very stout and conspicuous, nearly straight but slightly deflected ones beneath each stipule: leaflets 7, ovate or oval, obtuse or truncate, simply or doubly serrate-toothed, 1/2 to 3/4 inch long, dull-green and glabrous above, paler and villous beneath; stipules also villous and with few scattered marginal glands; the rachis of the leaf sparingly prickly: calyx-tube smooth and glabrous, the segments pubescent, villous-margined: corollas small.

Collected on Witch Creek, San Diego Co., California, in June 1894, by R. D. Alderson; type specimens in my own herbarium.