RHA Newsletter 6(2): 5-6 (Summer 1975)
Breeding Yellow Roses
Bernard C. Gardner, Los Banos, California 93635

Were I looking for seed parents to produce yellow roses, there are several I would consider in the Los Banos area. First, I would look into using 'Buccaneer.' From open-pollinated seed planted out in the open ground have grown tall plats of shrub-like proportions, producing medium sized blooms of deep yellow, with many petals and good form. Of those that came up and bloomed, all were yellow. With controlled pollination perhaps a plant could be developed with smaller proportions and exhibition-type blooms. I would try 'Golden Sceptre ' (Spek's yellow) as pollen parent.

My next choice is a strange one — 'Green Fire.' It produces an abundance of seed that have germinated in the open ground, producing upright plants of normal size. Unlike the parent, which is semi-double, the seedlings have been double, of very good form, and could be placed in the Floritea type. The coloring is more lemon than the seedlings of 'Buccaneer.' My third choice would probably be 'Wing Peace.' From this the type of plant will vary from hybrid tea to pillar, and the flow differ in the amount of petallage, but usually have good form in the bud stage.

For too long a time I tried using R. Foetida as a pollen parent, in the hope of getting that unfading deep yellow color in a better rose. The seedlings always tuned out to be pale yellow or white. Quite unexpectedly, however, they were continuously flowering. Now, I think I would be smarter to use 'Soleil d'Or' or one of its offspring. I will try this in 1975, but with the expectation of producing orange roses rather than yellow.