The Florist's Scrap Book, pp. 90-91 (1909)
J.C. Moninger Company

Forcing Crimson Rambler for Easter

To get Crimson Rambler roses in time for Easter they should be allowed ten weeks from the time of starting until the day they are wanted to be at their best, which, of course, would be Easter Sunday. When first brought into the greenhouse, allow a temperature of from 50 to 54 degrees at night; and every morning, if the weather is at all clear, give a good syringing to thoroughly dampen the wood. As soon as it is seen that the buds are breaking, raise the temperature to 58 degrees at night, and this may be maintained until the flower buds appear. It should be borne in mind that attacks from mildew or green fly are likely to happen and careful attention to details with regard to fumigating and ventilating, will have to be given in order to avoid these troubles. If it is seen, at the time the buds form, that they are likely to be too late (and it takes about thirty days between the forming of the buds and their development), it will be necessary to apply more heat to the greenhouse.— Florists' Exchange.