How to Grow Roses, p. 106 (1916)
By Conard & Jones Co., West Grove, Pa,

Synonymous Roses

Some roses have acquired new names that seem to be an improvement; for example, Dutch Beauty in place of Veluwezoom. Another case is Mme. Norbert Levavasseur; when once planted and thoroughly domesticated, she answers to the name of Red Baby Rambler. But, if you wish to order Red Baby Rambler, remember there are nearly half a dozen roses so called; so, if you want to be certain, refer to the following list for guidance. Renaming a rose with intent to deceive has come to be regarded by rosarians as a crime. When a second name is adopted for the sake of euphony, the original name should be carried in parentheses.

Anna de Diesbach H.P. Gloire de Paris
Baby Dorothy, Pink P. Maman Levavasseur
Baby Rambler, Pink P. Maman Levavasseur
Baby Rambler, Red P. Mme. Norbert Levavasseur
Baby Rambler, White P. Katherine Zeimet
Baby Rambler, Yellow P. Etoile de Mai
Baby Tausendschön P. Louise Walter
Baby Tausendschön P. Echo
Ball of Snow H.P. Perle des Blanches
Dorothy Dennison W. Lady Godiva
Dorothy Perkins H.W. Lady Gay
Dorothy Perkins, Red H.W. Excelsa
Dutch Beauty H.T. Veluwezoom
Green Rose C. Viridiflora
Killarney, Striped H.T. Spectacular
Killarney, Orange H.T. Duchess of Wellington
La France, Red H.T. Duchess of Albany
La France, Striped H.T. Mme. Angel Vayssett
La France, White H.T. Mlle. Aug. Guinoisseau
La Reine des Neige H.P. Frau Karl Druschki
Magnolia Rose T. Devoniensis
Maman Cochet, Yellow H.T. Mme. Derepas-Matrat
Maman Levavasseur P. Baby Dorothy
Mignon P. Cecile Brunner
Mrs. W. H. Cutbush P. Mrs. Taft
Mrs. W. J. Grant H.T. Belle Siebrecht
Prima Donna H.T. Mme. P. Euler
Prince Camille de Rohan H.P. La Roseire
Queen, The T. Souv. de S. A. Prince
Rambler, Golden N. Alister Stella Gray
Rambler, Pink Mult. Euphrosine
Rambler, White Mult. Thalia
Rambler, Yellow Mult. Aglaia
Sweetheart P. Cecile Brunner
Thousand Beauties Mult. Tausendschön
Virginia R. Coxe H.T. Gruss an Teplitz
White American Beauty H.P. Frau Karl Druschki
Wm. R. Smith T. Charles Dingee
Wm. R. Smith T. Jeannette Heller