Rosa hugonis (Species) []

Curtis's Botanical Magazine t. 8004 (1905)

Close-up of prickles

American Rose Annual 1916

PLATE V. Flowering Branch of ROSA HUGONIS. Flowers clear yellow. This photograph supplied by Dr. W. Van Fleet, shows them about half natural size. (See page 35.)
Rosa Hugonis and R. xanthina are early-blooming, yellow-flowered species of great promise as ornamental shrubs for dooryard embellishment in this country in their natural state, and should be capable of developing varieties of even greater attractiveness. There is some confusion between the two forms as introduced to cultivation here, but the one known as R. Hugonis appears to afford the better opportunities for breeding, as it seeds with great freedom and appears to hybridize readily with other wild and cultivated roses. Seedlings of Hugonis X rugosa, white variety, and Rosa altaica, are the first to bloom, to both of which it has imparted much of its yellow coloring. R. xanthina has given plants with double yellow blooms from collected seeds, but as yet does not fruit well here; more fertile forms may in time be imported. The seeds of R. Hugonis are very slow in germination, only a few coming up within two years. As the ungerminated ones appear sound, some may eventually grow.

American Rose Annual 1921

PLATE II. Some Chinese Roses and Their Van Fleet Hybrids as Grown at Bell Experiment Plot. Photographed May 20, 1920.

A Rosa Willmottiae x R. altaica
B R. Willmottiae: violet-purple
C R. Hugonis x Harison's Yellow; semi-double, primrose-yellow
D R. Hugonis seedling; deep cream
E R. altaica; white
F R. Hugonis; canary yellow