Botanical Register vol 5 (1819)
420 ROSA ferox.
Hedgehog Rose.

Nat. ord. ROSACAE. Jussieu gen. 334. Div. II. ROSAE.
ROSA. Suprà vol. 1. fol. 46.
Div. Rami tomentosi.

R. ferox, foliis rugosis glabris, aculeis confertissimis rigidis, stipularibus et rameis subaequalibus, fructu impubi. Lindley MSS.

Rosa ferox. Hort. Kew. ed. 2. 3. 262. Miss Law. roses. E. 42. Smith in Rees's cyclop. in loco. Rosa kamchatica. Redouté's roses. 1. 47. t. 12.

Frutex 4‑pedalis diffusus. Rami tomentosi procumbentes, aculeis pilosis, gracilibus, subaequalibus, flavidis, conformibus, setis intermixtis horridi. Folia glabra, nitida, densa, atro-viridia: stipulae dilatatae, semiobovatae, tomentosae, margine crispae, glandulosae, intùs nudae: petioli tomentosi, setosi et aculeati, aculeis gracilibus rectis; foliola 5-9 elliptica, simpliciter (quandoque duplicato) serrata, supra impubia, subtus tomentosa pallidiora. Flores magni rubri solitarii; bracteae v. nullae, v. suborbiculatae, pilosae, serratae, glanduloso-ciliatae: pedunculi tomentosi; calycis tubus obovatus, nudus; sepala angustè triangularia, subcomposita, glandulosa, extus nudiuscula, petalis longiora; petala, obcordata, concava; discus magìs obliteratus quàm ROSAE kamchaticae, hujus carnosus elevatus. Ovaria hirsuta: styli villosi, villis appressis. Fructus globosus, coccineus, cerinus, nudus ut et pedunculus. Lindley MSS.

In the preceding article (ROSA kamchatica) we have noticed the chief circumstances which distinguish that from the present very distinct species. That they are most decidedly different, must be evident to any one who is acquainted with them in a living state; and on this account we are the less able to imagine what can have induced M. Thory to pronounce them the same.

Native of Mount Caucasus, and introduced in 1796 by Messrs. Lee and Kennedy, of the Hammersmith nursery.

Shrub four feet high, diffused or loosely spreading: branches cottony, trailing, bristled over with hairy slender yellowish prickles nearly of the same dimensions, with intermingling uniform bristles. Leaves smooth, shining, thickset, of a black-green hue: stipules widened, halved, obversely ovate, cottony, curled at the edge, beset with glands, naked on the inner side: petioles cottony, bristly and prickly with slender straight prickles; leaflets 5‑9, elliptical, simply (sometimes doubly) serrate, furless at the upper side, cottony at the under and paler. Flowers large, red, solitary: bractes either none or orbicular, hairy, serrate, with a fringe of glands: peduncles cottony; tube of the calyx obversely ovate, naked; segments of the calyx narrowly triangular, slightly compound, beset with glands, nearly naked on the outside, longer than the petals; petals obversely cordate, concave; disk more faintly defined than in ROSA kamchatica, where it is fleshy and raised. Ovaries shaggy: styles villous, villi close-pressed. Fruit globular, scarlet, waxen, naked as well as the peduncle. Lindey MSS.

A Collection of Roses from Nature (1799)

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