Rosa altaica (Species)

Country Life in America 20(4): 20 (15 June 1911)
The Altai rose (Rosa spinosissima var. Altaica) is considered by Mr. Egan the best hardy substitute for the matchless Cherokee which has run wild in the South.

American Rose Annual 1921

PLATE II. Some Chinese Roses and Their Van Fleet Hybrids as Grown at Bell Experiment Plot. Photographed May 20, 1920.

A. Rosa Willmottiae x R. altaica
B. R. Willmottiae: violet-purple
C. R. Hugonis x Harison's Yellow; semi-double, primrose-yellow
D. R. Hugonis seedling; deep cream
E. R. altaica; white
F. R. Hugonis; canary yellow