Ophelia (HT) An important parent of modern HTs with an impressive list of sports.

Paris & Maney: The Prodigious Ophelia Rose (1940)
“When one dips back into history, one finds that Pernet-Ducher sent out Antoine Rivoire in 1896, Prince de Bulgarie coming from the same raiser in 1902. Pharisaer, a seedling of Mrs. W. J. Grant sent out by Hinner in 1903, may have been one of the parents of Ophelia but for a certainty either Antoine Rivoire or Prince de Bulgarie was the seed parent and in all probability one or the other was the pollen parent. The family connection between these latter varieties need not be doubted as Pernet-Ducher closely inbred, often using undisseminated seedlings. Indeed, it is not unlikely that some of his later Pernetianas, including Souv. de Claudius Pernet, containing the blood of Antoine Rivoire and the bringing together of Ophelia and Souv. de Claudius Pernet, was the probable cause of the remarkable coloring that was attained in Talisman.”

August 9, 2009 (SJH)

August 9, 2009