Mme. Caroline Testout (HT) [Mme. de Tartas x Lady Mary Fitzwilliam]

May 16, 2009 - SJH

October 15, 2004 - SJH

The Garden 63: 330-331 May 16, 1903
Probably no Rose has made more friends in so short a time as Mme. Caroline Testout. Is there one that combines such vigour of growth with an equal profusion of flowers and quality also as this Rose? And yet there is one defect, and an important one, too, namely, want of fragrance. Its Tea-like fragrance cannot be called sweet. Apart from this, Mme. Caroline Testout is very beautiful, and all who can afford to plant a dozen, fifty, or a hundred of it should do so willingly. As a standard there is no better variety to grow.