Merveille de Lyon (HP)
Gardeners Chronicle 9: 24-25 (Jan 3, 1891)
I observe on p. 716 of the last volume of the Gardeners' Chronicle, this Rose is spoken of as a sport from Baroness Rothschild. M. Pernet, who introduced it, assured me at the time of its introduction, that it was not a sport, but a veritable seedling, and I take that view, independent of that assurance, on the following grounds. A Rose sport is usually, if not always, of the same shape or less double than the variety from which it sports, which is not the case in this instance, if compared with Baroness Rothschild. Wm. Paul, Pauls' Nurseries, Waltham Cross, Herts.


Nov 13, 2004 - SJH