Hawlmark Crimson (HT) [Seedling from Red Letter Day]

The American Florist p. 84 (22 Jul 1922)
Hawlmark Crimson (Alex. Dickson), a seedling from Red Letter Day, with the deep velvety crimson of some of the old hybrid perpetuals and would, we think under better conditions be very striking.

Conard-Pyle 1932

Memoirs of the Horticultural Society of New York (1927) p. 57.
Sterility encountered in Rose breeding by
J. H. Nicolas
Although the pigmentation of two prospective parents may not have direct influence on fertility, yet I have observed that the more extreme the combinations the less successful I was in obtaining fertility. As an example Hawlmark Crimson, a blackish crimson, is sterile both ways when crossed with a deep yellow, and also is R. Moyesii.