Frensham (Floribunda) [Edith Cavell x Edgar Andreu) x Crimson Glory])
Edgar Angreu = R. wichuraiana x Cramoisi Supérieur

Bertram Park (1948): 'Frensham' from an undistributed polyantha seedling by 'Crimson Glory' is an outstanding gold medal new introduction raised by an amateur MR. A. NORMAN. The young flowers are small and perfectly formed, but soon open out into the loose formation characteristic of its class. By judiciously disbudding the first or centre buds in each group of three, enormous trusses can be obtained on the same stem all in full flush at the same time. The colour is a rich deep scarlet unfading till the flowers drop; few heps are formed so that little attention is needed and when one truss fades another is preparing to take its place. Hard pruning will keep the plants dwarf, but with light pruning they will grow to 3 feet high and form a dense prickly hedge

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