Frau Lilla Rautenstrauch (HT) [Mme Caroline Testout x Goldquelle]

The Garden 68: 208 (Sept. 30, 1905)

HERR LAMBERT, the raiser of Frau Karl Druschki, has been very fortunate in obtaining this charming Hybrid Tea, and it is likely to be much grown. Like many of the Hybrid Teas, the colour is totally different under glass and when grown outdoors, which accounts probably for the widely diverse descriptions of this Rose to be found in catalogues. Outdoors the colour is rosy white, with a rich shading of apricot, the blossoms becoming deeper in the apricot tint towards autumn; under glass the orange yellow colour predominates. The blossoms are large and very full. The flowers are produced very freely, but as they are somewhat heavy they have not the decorative effect that would otherwise be the case. Apart from this fact, those who value the Hybrid Teas (and who does not?) will find in this novelty a Rose of sterling merit, and it should be noted for procuring during the coming planting season, and also for forcing under glass. It is reputedly a cross between Caroline Testout and Goldquelle. We are indebted to Messrs. Benjamin R. Cant and Sons, Old Rose Gardens, Colchester, for the photograph of this beautiful Rose. This and other new sorts are very fine in their nurseries.