Europeana (Floribunda) [Ruth Leuwerik x Rosemary Rose]

American Rose Annual, 1983
Breeding For Red Colors in Roses
H. H. Marshall and L. M. Collicutt
Peonin, as suggested by the name, is the common red pigment found in peonies. It occurs frequently in the Rosa sections Cinnamomeae, Carolinae and Minutifoliae. Although there have been no reports of a rose containing only peonin, it is frequently the most prominent anthocyanin pigment present. It occurs in R. rugosa and many of its hybrids, where it is responsible for the pinkish or purplish shades of red. It also contributes to the cardinal red colors of cultivars such as Europeana and Adelaide Hoodless.

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August 10, 2005