Evergreen Gem (Hybrid Wichuraiana) [R. wichuraiana x Maréchal Niel]

Gardening Illustrated 22: 418 (October 6, 1900)

Biltmore Roses, Biltmore Nursery, Biltmore N.C. 1913
Evergreen Gem

The buds of the Evergreen Gem Rose are buff, but open white, with a fragrance like the Sweetbrier. They come in clusters, the individual flowers being double, 2 or 3 inches across, and remaining upon the stems for a long time. This is one of the most vigorous climbers, and the dense, enchanting foliage of bronze-green causes it to be much sought for use in "planting out" unsightly objects. The plant puts forth leaves very early in the season, and they endure until after heavy frosts and often well into the winter. From this characteristic the variety secures its name, and this distinctive feature seems to be more marked in this variety than in other members of the Wichuraiana family. On this account it is valuable for planting as a screen — the foliage offering a pleasing contrast to the otherwise barren garden or lawn.