Electra (Hybrid Multiflora) [R. multiflora x William Allen Richardson]

The Garden, August 10, 1907

This is so far the best yellow rambling Rose of the multiflora (polyantha) section in general cultivation. Rose hybridists are working among this section, and we may confidently hope, I think, for a rich yellow rambling Rose as free flowering as this variety. One or two already introduced are richer in colour, but whether they are as good in other respects as this remains to be proved. The flowers of Electra resemble the variety Aglaia sent out as the yellow Rambler; it possesses one quality, however, which at once places it in front of that variety. Aglaia does not flower freely in the young state, requiring several years to become established. This is a consideration, at any rate in small gardens. The subject of this note blooms profusely when small. The parents of Electra are R. multiflora and William Allen Richardson, those of Aglaia being R. multiflora and Reve d'Or. The buds are yellow, the flowers creamy white. It is usually at its best a few days later than Aglaia. Grown as a pillar, arch or pergola Rose it is very beautiful. In places where the pleasure grounds are extensive this is a valuable variety for massing.