Mme. Boll (HP) [Unnamed x Belle Faber] Sumptious bloom of silvery pink with a rich perfume. One of my favorites. This is commonly labeled as 'Comte de Chambord' of gardens. The real 'Comte de Chambord', according to Singer (1885), is a "Low shrub; twigs trimmed with bumps, dull green, slightly trimmed with thorns; flower medium, a little full; pale flesh color."

Gardener's Monthly and Horticulturist p. 260 (Sept 1880)
American Roses by H. B. Ellwanger

Mme. Boll (Daniel Boll). Sent out by Mons. Boyeau, of Angers, France, in 1859. Growth vigorous; foliage very large and handsome, of a pale green color; spines numerous. Flowers large or very large; form flat; color carmine rose; a free autumnal bloomer and very hardy; perhaps the most hardy in the class. One of the most superb roses for the garden.

Mr. Boll, now deceased, who was by birth a Swiss, produced a number of seedling Hybrid Perpetuals of merit; several of these were sold to parties in France, who sent them out as their own. Among these was Mme. Boll. It would be interesting to know, whether any among them besides Mme. Boll, are now famous.

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