Chromatella (Noisette) [Lamarque x unnamed seedling] A bright yellow Noisette with little fragrance. This is probably Duchesse d'Auerstadt.

The Amateur Gardener of the Fruit, Flower, and Vegetable Garden, 3rd Edition (greatly enlarged). p. 125 (1881)
E. B. Heyne
"...As some varieties do not strike easily (Cloth of Gold for instance), or where standards are wanted, it is often much more convenient to increase these varieties by budding."

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(Gardeners’ Chronicle, 1843)

T. RIVERS, JUN., has the pleasure of offering to his Friends a splendid YELLOW NOISETTE ROSE, raised in the West of France from Noisette Lamarque. This fine Rose was purchased by T. RIVERS, Jun., last spring, on condition that he might give it an English name; he has therefore named it as above. T. R. visited France in July, 1842, to see it in bloom; he can therefore submit the following description as correct in every respect. Colour, brilliant yellow, of the same shade as Rosa Harrisonii; form, gobular, like Noisette Lamarque, flowers of the same size; petals thick and leathery, not liable to fade in the sun; habit extremely robust, as much, or more so than Noisette Jaune Desprez. Owing to the plants being cut in closely for propagation, it has not yet bloomed here, but is in bud, and will bloom shortly. T. R. offers it now, that purchasers may have the opportunity of budding a few plants. Price 21s. each; as the stock is limited, no allowance can be made to the trade. NOISETTE SOLFATERRE, from the same parents, and of the same robust habit—colour, pale lemon yellow, 7s. 5d. each.
Sawbridgeworth, Herts, August 10, 1843.