Corona (Rambler) []

Luther Burbank's 1913 Rose Novelty "Corona"

This wonderful new rose is a semi‑climber of the crimson rambler type, with magnificent single blooms growing in immense clusters. The flowers are rosy crimson, very much resembling Chinese primroses, yet are unlike any rose known.

This, the most unique of all rose creations, has a bloom which when cut will last in perfect condition for two weeks. This rose is so highly prized by Mr. Burbank himself that it graces his own home veranda, where it has occasioned more comment than any rose creation the past decade.

A bed of these roses growing upon a trellis or against a dwelling is a sight of rare beauty, and as unusual as it is beautiful. The plants are hardy and will grow with but little attention. Large sturdy bushes, each $5; ten, $40.

The Corona Rose
This is a crimson rambler seedling, of mixed heritage, that has altogether notable qualities as to justify its introduction. It is named the Corona. Like many of Mr. Burbank's selected ramblers, it is extraordinarily vigorous, thrifty, and prolific.