Chief Justice Holmes (HT) [Jules Margottin x Chåteau de Clos Vougeot]

Popular Mechanics (Dec 1937) 818-821, 144A, 146A
Miracle Man of Roses
Close to the avenue of giant rose trees is an insignificant bush. It blooms irregularly, but when it does, the world sees a black rose. Only a tiny bit of dark red on the edge of some of the petals shows how it has been bred from crossing the very dark-red plants. Of the creation of this bud, Dr. Schoener says, "It is only logical to presume that if two very dark roses were crossed the next generation would contain a rose darker than either of the originals. Remember, that is only a theory. Science is not made of theories, but of facts. So I made my experiments, and eventually succeeded."

Literary Digest 123(16): 25-26 (April 17, 1937)
Black Rose—His black rose is perhaps the most remarkable of his creations. The flower is an extremely dark red, with a velvety black sheen. He named it after his friend, the late Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes, had it growing for fifteen years in his garden before the public discovered it. Then it was sent north to the Portland, Oregon, rose show and won the gold medal and the name "black rose." Its weird color he obtained by carefully mating and re-mating roses with a tendency toward the blackish red.