Château de Clos Vougeot, Cl. (HT) [Sport of Château de Clos Vougeot]

The Ultimate Rose Book by Stirling Macoboy

The original bush version, raised by Pernet-Ducher in 1908, has always been admired for its wonderful deep maroon-crimson color and its sweet fragrance, but even in its heyday it was criticized for its spindly, none too vigorous growth. If you want to enjoy it today (and the ruffled, informal flowers can be stunning), grow it as a Climber. It will prove to be of pillar-rose vigor, and usually give at least a few blooms after the main summer flowering. Watch out for mildew on the dark matt green leaves. The name honors one of the legendary wines of Burgundy, as rich and fragrant as the rose. This climbing version was introduced by Morse in 1920.