Cantab (Hybrid Nutkana) [Rosa nutkana x Red-Letter Day]

Shrub Roses of Today, Graham Stuart Thomas (1962)
'Cantab'. 1927. This hybrid, R. nutkana x 'Red Letter Day', was raised by Dr C. C. Hurst while working on the genetics of the rose at Cambridge University Botanic Garden. It is in effect a vigorous, species-like rose with normal prickly stems and has 7 to 9 small, lead-green leaflets. The flowers are big and single, of deep pink, lilac-tinted, with creamy stamens, and create a good display at midsummer. Fragrant. The large, oval heps last through the winter, in bright orange-red, with persistent calyces. 7 to 8 feet by 6 to 7 feet. On good soil it can make an impressive and colourful bush at two seasons of the year.

April 12, 2008 (SJH)

April 12, 2008