Aglaïa (Hybrid Multiflora) [R. multiflora x Rêve d'Or]

Rosen-Zeitung, 12(1) frontispiece (1897)


American Florist 13(2): 1373 (June 18, 1898)
The Yellow Rambler Rose.
Ed. Am. Florist: — In your issue of April 15 I notice the comments of your correspondent "K" on Aglaia, the Yellow Rambler rose. As the originator and introducer of this variety, permit me to state that only strong three-year-old plants give the best results. The stock generally distributed is still too young to permit of a correct estimate by even the most competent grower, but the parent plants in our nurseries prove every year that this rose is truly a fitting companion to the Crimson Rambler, and I am convinced that "K." will modify his opinion with another year's experience.
Trier, Germany. Peter Lambert.