Aurora (HT) [Bon Silène x Souvenir du Président Carnot]

Gardening 1907

"The new pink rose Aurora is said to be the result of a cross between Bon Silene and Souv. du Pres. Carnot, and it has inherited the free flowering qualities of the former and the strong growing habit of the latter. The flowers are large and full and are produced on strong and stiff stems, with a rich dark green foliage. The color is a beautiful dark pink and wherever shown attracted much attention. The keeping quality of the flowers is excellent. Aurora is easy to grow and does not need a high temperature."

Horticulture 4: 34 (Jully 14, 1906)
"Paul Niehoff, Leighton, Pa., submits for registration rose Aurora: seedling from Bon Silene x Souvenir du President Carnot. Flowers large and full. Color light pink with a deeper shading in the centre. Growth very strong. Foliage dark green. Stems 4 to 5 feet long. Very prolific with no tendency to go dormant during winter.
    This is the rose which Mr. Niehoff recently exhibited under the name of Columbia. On being informed that another rose had already been registered with the S.A.F. as Columbia he withdrew his claim and the rose will be disseminated as Aurora."