America (HT) [Premier x American Beauty]

E. G. Hill, quoted in American Rose Annual, 1922:

"Our new rose, America, comes from American Beauty and Premier; that is its real parentage, and if you will look at the wood it resembles American Beauty, except that it will produce a dozen flowers where American Beauty will produce one. I think it gets its long growth from American Beauty. It is between Columbia and Ophelia in Golor."

"I do not know that I can say anything more, except that in connection with the seedling roses, great grandmothers and great grandfathers away back have an influence on all seeds, and that a seedling rose will reassert the character of a past generation or parentage. Now America, as I have said, is the result of crossing American Beauty with Premier. I wish that I could transport you to our houses and you could see America grow. Let me tell you something: We had only sixteen plants of America a year ago at this time, and now we have 4,500, I believe. You will say, 'Perhaps we weaken the plant by over-propagation.' We do nothing of the kind. I took a bunch of Columbia, and budded America on the topgrowth of Columbia; we got a stronger growth from those buds than from the original sixteen plants produced. We try to keep strength and vigor and health in a new rose."