Alika (Gallica hybrid) [Reportedly a hybrid of a Gallica and a Rugosa.] Also called Rosa gallica var 'Grandiflora'. A parent of Scharlachglut.

Hardy Roses for South Dakota (1929)
Niels Ebbesen Hansen

This rose was received from Russia in the fall of 1906, and was selected by N. E. Hansen at the Regel & Kesselring Nursery at St. Petersburg, on the 1906 tour enroute to Siberia.

Flowers large, fragrant, semi-double, with as high as 46 petals, with many stamens. The color is a brilliant red with no purple in it. The plant is hardy. Flowers abundant in June but not throughout the season.

This rose is worthy of propagation owing to its bright red color and hardiness. No notes as to the origin of this rose are available at the present time.

Since the full name, Rosa gallica grandiflora, is too long for every day use, the name, Alika, adapted from the Latin name (with the "i" as in "like"), has been given for convenience in recent years by the writer.