Albéric Barbier (Hybrid Wichuraiana) [R. wichuraiana x Shirley Hibberd]

Commercial rose culture, under glass and outdoors By Eber Holmes, 1911

Paul (1906)

Biltmore Roses, Biltmore Nursery, Biltmore N.C. 1913

Alberic Barbier

The Alberic Barbier Rose is one of the most vigorous of the Wichuraiana Hybrids. The vines creep or climb with persistence, and their bronzy, waxy foliage is beautiful. The blossoms are creamy white, with canary-yellow centers. The buds are darker yellow, and both flowers and buds are fragrant. It blooms almost constantly, with full-double flowers that come both singly and in clusters. The plant is resistant to insect attacks and mildew, and requires little attention. (See illustration, page 56.)