Aennchen Müller (Poly) []

Gardeners' Chronicle June 1, 1907 p. 349

OUR SUPPLEMENTARY ILLUSTRATION represents the beautiful new Polyantha Rose Aenncher Müller, as sketched by Mr. WORTHINGTON SMITH from specimens exhibited by Messrs. WM. PAUL & SON, at the meeting of the Royal Horticultural Society, on April 30 last. The variety is of German origin, as is indicated by the name. The flowers are of a rich shade of coral-pink colour, and are produced in clusters in extraordinary profusion. The individual flowers measure about 1 inch in diameter, and the petals are rolled backwards which gives the whole flower a very distinct and pleasing character. The variety continues in bloom almost uninterruptedly from June until late autumn. The plants attain to a height of from 1 1/2 to 2 feet, and in their dwarf habit of growth they are particularly suited for planting in masses or in groups. That the variety is also well adapted for forcing and for pot-culture was evidenced by the handsome plants in pots shown by Messrs PAUL at the meeting already mentioned.