Styles and Septets
Septet Formulae

Rosa Mundi AACC   Rosa nitida CC
Styles: included, many (50-100), free and
fascicled, crowded in curved sheaf, hairy.
Max Graf AC   Calocarpa AC ?
Rosa wichuraiana AA   Rosa multiflora AA
Iwara AC   Rosa clinophylla
Rosa arvensis AA   Rosa moschata AA
Rosa setigera AA   Rote Max Graf ?
Rosa davidii AAEE   R. x micrugosa Walter Butt ?C
Rosa stellata (BB?)   Rosa roxburghii (BB?)
Rosa nanothamnus BB   Rosa hugonis BB
Rosa sericea pteracantha BB   Rosa willmottiae BB
Rosa foetida bicolor BBDD   Rosa altaica BBDD
Rosa moyesii AABBEE   R. macrophylla 'Master Hugh' EE
Rosa setipoda AAEE   Rosa corymbulosa EE ?
Hurst diagnosed Rosa corymbulosa as EE. However, the styles and clusters of this specimen suggest influence from a Synstyle (AA). It was raised from seeds "collected in Western China in Autumn 1907, under the field-number 630A, by Mr. E. H. Wilson." In addition, Wilson (1916) wrote, "The wild plants have usually much smaller corymbs than that figured by Rolfe, indeed the flowers are often solitary."
Rosa fargesii AAEE   Rosa rosea-moyesii AAEE
Rosier de la Caroline; section de fleur et de fruit.   Rosa carolina AADD
Rosa beggeriana DD   Rosa californica ?

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