Hortus Floridus (1615)
Crispijn van de Passe, Jr.

R. moschata alba pleno flore — The Musk Rose with a double flower is rarer than that with a single flower. It is a most clear and pure white in colour, with an extremely fragrant scent, (in which nevertheless it is excelled by the single kind), very sweet, and most nearly recalling musk, from whence is derived the name given to it by the Tuscans. Some call it the Damascus Rose. Others consider it to be the same as the Corneola or Coroneola of Pliny, which he states to be medium in size, autumnal, scented, and used in making garlands. It has scattered thorns, very sharp and curved, nut-brown in colour. In other respects it is seen to agree with other rose-bushes, except that it blossoms at the end of August and in September.

CybeRose note: Mattioli (1549) wrote that this rose was called Damaschine in Tuscany, but was elsewhere called Moschette.

Rosa alba pleno flore Rosa rubra praenestina
Rosa centifolia Batavica Rosa versicolor