Catalogue of Roses, 13-15 (1845)
Samuel Walker, Boston


Name Form Color and Character
  1 Abbé Mioland cup. fine crimson red, large and double.
  2 Aimée Plantier cup. bright fawn color, tinged with blush.
  3 Archduke Charles cup. rose, changing to crimson, superb.
  4 Assuerus cup. deep purplish crimson.
  5 Augustine Hersente cup. light rose, distinct.
  6 Bardon cup. pale blush, large and double.
  7 Baronne Delaage cup. purplish deep red, large.
  8 Belle Archinto  F cup. pale flesh, edged with pink.
  9 Belle de Florence, cup. light carmine, large and double.
10 Boisnard F cup. sulphur, deep yellow centre, superb.
11 Carmin d'Yebles cup. carmine, large and very double.
12 César Cardet glob. pink, very large and double,
13 Clara Sylvain F glob. pure white, distinct, superb.
14 Cramoisie eblouissante exp. vivid crimson, very double.
15 Cramoise supérieure cup. reddish crimson, brilliant, superb.
16 Don Carlos cup. yellowish cream.
17 Duchess of Kent cup. shaded pale blush.
18 Eugène Beauharnais cup. bright amaranth, superb.
19 Eugène Hardy cup. creamy pale blush, distinct, beautiful.
20 Eugène Pirolle cup. delicate pink, shaded with crimson.
21 Fabvier cup. fiery crimson, striped with white, semi-double.
22 Général Soyez cup. lake, very double.
23 Henry V. cup. vivid scarlet, double.
24 Icteros F. glob. creamy white, large and double, superb.
25 Infidelites de Lisette glob. fine white, very large and double.
26 Joseph Deschiens  exp. superb crimson, double.
27 Lavenstine  glob. vivid crimson, superb.
28 Louis Philippe d'Angers glob. red crimson shaded.
29 Madame Bréhon cup. bright rose, large, double, superb.
30 Madame Bureau glob. white, superb.
31 Madame Desprez cup. pure white, beautiful.
32 Marjolin  glob. purplish red, double.
33 Miellez F cup. lemon white, fine.
34 Mrs. Bosanquet cup. pale flesh, wax-like, superb.
35 Napoleon cup. bush,  large, fine.
36 Narcesse glob. shaded rose, very double.
37 Némésis cup. deep crimson, distinct.
38 Paeoniflora Nova glob. pale lilac rose, large and double.
39 Paris cup. bright crimson, double, fine.
40 Prince Charles  cup. beautiful light crimson.
41 Reine de Lombardie cup. cherry-color, beautiful.
42 Sulphurea superba   cup. pale sulphur, large, double.
43 Thérésia Stravius cup. pale flesh, double.
44 Triomphante glob. deep rose and crimson.
45 Victorie d'Aumay,  cup. reddish-pink, double.
46 Zéphyr exp. peach blossom, with bright rose centre.




Name Form Color and Character
  1 Abbè Bissardon comp. lilac rose, large, double, fine.
  2 Adam cup. rose, very large.
  3 Archiduchesse Therese cup. creamy white.
  4 Aurora (Nova) cup. straw, changing to rose, beautiful.
  5 Barbot cup. fawn-colored rose, beautiful.
  6 Bardon glob. bite, tinged with salmon pink.
  7 Belle Allemande cup. shaded blush, very fragrant.
  8 Blush or ordorata F cup. flue deep blush.
  9 Bon Silene cup. cherry-color, tinged with rose, fine.
10 Bougere cup. pale rosy bronze, very large, superb.
11 Boutrand cup. bright rose, fine.
12 Bride of Abydos glob. white, shaded with rose.
13 Burette cup. pink, double.
14 Caroline cup.  delicate pink, rosy centre.
15 Charles Reybaud glob. pale rose, very large.
16 Claudia Gand  cup. creamy pink, superb.
17 Comte d'Osmont  glob. white, double, very large.
18 Comte de Paris cup.  pale rose, large and perfect.
19 Devoniensis cup.  creamy white, tinged with rose, superb.
20 Diana Vernon glob. white, large and double.
21 Duchess de Gazes cup. creamy white.
22 Duchess de Mecklenburgh cup. straw, very large.
23 Eliza Sauvage glob. pale yellow, orange centre, superb.
24 Emma de St. Joseph comp. bite, very double.
25 Eugène Desgaches  glob. rose, large and double.
26 Eugène Jouvain cup. blush, very double.
27 Euphéme cup. deep rose color, very large and double.
28 Flont cup. wit color, large and fine.
29 Gama glob. lemon, large, superb.
30 Gigantesque glob. creamy blush, superb.
31 Gouda exp. creamy white, bronze centre.
32 Goubault cup. pale salmon, shaded with rose.
33 Hamon glob. blush, shaded with crimson.
34 Hardy  exp. vivid rose, very large and fine.
35 Hymenée cup. white, with yellow centre.
36 Hypolite cup. deep salmon color, large.
37 Jaune Panaché cup. pale yellow and while.
38 Jeanie Deans cup. delicate salmon, superb.
39 Josephine Malton cup. creamy white, pale blush centre, beautiful
40 Julie Mansain cup. pure white, very large, superb.
41 La Sylphide glob. rosy buff, perfect, splendid.
42 La Renomme exp. rosy  white, yellow centre.
43 Lady Warrender cup. fine blush while.
44 Leda cup. creamy white, yellow centre.
45 Lepage glob. lemon white.
46 Leveson Gower cup. fawn-colored rose.
47 Loette glob. salmon white, pale blush centre, fine.
48 Lutescens Grandiflora glob. pale straw.
49 Lyonnais glob rosy blush, large and superb.
50 Madame Droulin cup. red pink, large.
51 Madame Galet comp. lemon white.
52 Madame Rhohan glob. rich cream, large and double.
53 Mensais cup. buff and rose, large, fragrant.
54 Marie de Medicis glob. bright rose, shaded with fawn, superb.
55 Melville cup. ale rose, shaded with pink.
56 Merlet Laboulet cup. blush, very large.
57 Mirabilé cup. sulphur, tinted with bright rose, superb.
58 Miranda cup. straw, with rose centre, beautiful.
59 Moiré cup. cream, shaded with fawn-color and rose.
60 Nid d'Amour cup. blush, rosy centre.
61 Niphétos glob. pale lemon, large and double.
62 Nisida cup. fawn-colored rose.
63 Odoratissima cup. creamy blush, fine.
64 Pactolus cup. lemon, bright yellow centre, superb.
65 Pauline Plantier cup. yellowish white, double.
66 Pellonia cup. pale straw, with yellow centre.
67 Princesse d'Esterhazy exp. blush, pale yellow centre.
68 Princesse Hélène glob. pate yellow, large and double.
69 Princesse Marie glob. rosy buff, beautiful.
70 Protogéne cup. mottled pink, creamy white centre.
71 Queen Victoria glob pate yellow, large and double.
72 Reine de Bassora cup. rose, buff centre, very large.
73 Robert Bruce glob buff white, fine.
74 Safrano cup. bright fawn color.
75 Sémélé cnp. blush tinged with fawn.
76 Silène cup. rose, shaded crimson, superb.
77 Smith's Yellow glob pale straw.
78 Soliman cup. bronzy yellow, fine.
79 Sir Walter Scott cup. rose.
80 Strombio glob. cream and blush, large and fine.
81 Triomphe de Flore cup. blush, with rose centre.
82 Triomphe du Luxembourg cup. buff rose, large, very fragrant.
83 Triomphante cup. deep rose, very large.
84 William Wallace cup. bright rose.
85 Yellow cup. straw, very large.


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