The New Indian Gardener, and Guide with a Vocabulary (1848)
By G. T. F. S. Barlow Speede

    Color   Height
Rosa centifolia Pk Madras Rose, au.* 4
gallica Pk Bussorah ditto, ja, f, ma, d. 4
collina Pk Persian ditto, my, ju, jy. 3
semperflorens C Ever-blowing China ditto, au.* 2
indica or Chinensis Pk China blush ditto, au.* 2
multiflora Pk Bramble-flowered ditto, f, ma, a, my. 16
rubiginosa Pk Sweetbriar ditto, f, ma. 6
canina, involucrata (r) W Indian dog ditto, ma, a, o. 7
damascena C China Damask ditto, a, my, ju. 3
indica (var) C Duc de Berri ditto, a, my. 3

*CybeRose note: I think there was a printing error in the flowering times for these roses: "au." should be "an."

The colors are distinguished by the following letters:—
  Pk pink W white
  C crimson (r) rare
Months of flowering
  ja January jy July
  f February au August
  ma March s September
  a April o October
  my May n November
  ju June d December
an, throughout the year