A Catalogue of Garden, Grass & Flower Seeds, Trees, Shrubs, and Herbaceous Plants, pp. 19-20 (1806)
Sold by Russell, Russell, & Willmott
Nursery and Seedsmen,
Lewisham, Kent

Yellow Austrian rose
Red and yellow Austrian do.
Double yellow rose
Hudson's Bay ditto
Double cinnamon ditto
Small Burnet leav'd ditto
Common Scotch ditto
Strip'd Scotch ditto
Red Scotch ditto
Double burnet leav'd ditto
Single Pensylvanian ditto
Double pensylvanian ditto
Single apple bearing ditto
Double apple bearing ditto
Common Province ditto
Red Province ditto
Blush Province ditto
Cluster Province ditto
White Province ditto
Damask Province ditto
Great rose de meaux
Small ditto
Dutch hundred leav'd ditto
Blush hundred leav'd ditto
Single velvet ditto
Double velvet ditto
Sultan ditto
Labradore ditto
Rose de pompone
Rose de quatre saisons
Royal Portland rose
Red officinal ditto
Rosa mundi
Marbled rose.
Virgin ditto
Red damask ditto
Blush damask ditto
York and Lancaster ditto
Red monthly ditto
White monthly ditto
Blush belgic
Royal virgin ditto
Evergreen rose
Frankfort ditto
Common sweet brier
Double sweet brier
Evergreen double ditto
Eglantine brier
Moss Province rose
Single musk ditto
Double musk ditto
Thornless ditto
Double white ditto
Small maiden's blush ditto
Great maiden's blush ditto

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