Catalogue of Kitchen Garden, Herb, Tree, Field and Flower Seeds (1829) p. 76
John B. Russell

Most of which are monthly, or ever blooming.

The monthly varieties, when planted in the open ground, are particularly interesting, on account of expanding their flowers in March and April, when those of other kinds have not yet made their appearance. They continue to flower throughout the summer; but in the autumnal months their numerous flowers also afford particular gratification, as nature than seems most to need their cheering influence.

Those kinds marked thus † will bear our winters without protection—the others should be covered with straw or a box during winter in this latitude.

1   † Hamilton dark, 50 cents
2   † Hundred leaved sweet scented, 1 doll. 50 cts.
3   † Dwarf, or pompone, very small and delicate, 75 cts.
4   † Tea scented, of exquisite fragrance l to 2 dollars
5   Single tea scented, $1
6   † Thornless, $2
7   Miss Lawrence's rose, the smallest and most delicate of all roses,* 1 dollar 50 cts.
8   † GrevilIe’s superb (10. $2
9   † Lady Banks’ do. or white multiflora, new and superb, 1 doll. 50 cts.
10   Scarlet multiflora, $2
11   Montezuma rose of Mexico, $5

*So called in London, in honor of Miss Lawrence of that city, authoress of a splendid work on this delightful class of plants.

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