Hortus Bengalensis, or,
A Catalogue of the Plants growing in the Honourable East India Company's Botanic Garden at Calcutta (1814) pp. 38, 92

William Roxburgh

p. 38


Systematic names Synonyms & remarks Native place Donors and time, &c Duration
& habit
Time of
of seed
triphylla, R. Ch. Cha-te-qui-fa China Before 1794 Sc.     E = erect
S = small shrub
Sc = scandent
D = Diffuse, or spreading much
= Shrubby

O = The whole year round
C.S. = Cool season
H.S. = Hot season
indica   Rohilcund J. Brooke, Esq. 1811 E.    
inermis Ch. Pah-mo-li. 15   Mr. W. Kerr, 1812    
recurva, R.   Nepaul Dr. F. Buchanan, 1802    
centifolia H. & B. Goolab. 16 Asia Before 1794 O  
chinensis H. & B. Kanta Goolab China 1794 E. C.S.  
semperflorens     J. Harington, Esq. 1803 S. O  
glandulifera, R. H. & B. Shewuti. 17 India Before 1794 Sc. O  
pimpinellifolia   Europe Mr. M’Mahon, 1810    
involucrata   Bootan Dr. W. Carey, 1797 C.S. H.S.
microphylla, R. Ch. Hai-tong-hang China Mr. W. Kerr, 1812    
procumbens, R.     Mr. W. Kerr, 1810 D.    
15 The double white, and Wong-mo-ne-he-vong, the double yellow.
16 A. Ward. P. Gool.
17 S. Sevuti.

Plants described by Dr. Roxburgh, in his Mss. Flora Indica, but not yet introduced into the Botanic Garden (1813)

p. 92


pubescens, R. Rohilcund
diffusa, R. China