Periodical catalogue of greenhouse shrubs, vines, herbaceous plants, and bulbous roots: cultivated and for sale at the Linnaean Botanic Garden,
Flushing, near New-York. (1832) pp. 156-159
William Prince & Sons, Proprietors

Most of which are monthly, or ever-blooming.
These are cultivated in pots, and can therefore be sent at any season of the year they are desired.

The monthly varieties, when planted in the open ground, are particularly interesting, on account of expanding their flowers in March and April, when those of other kinds have not yet made their appearance. They continue to bloom throughout the summer; and in the autumnal months their numerous flowers also afford particular gratifications as nature then seems most to need their cheering influence Nearly the whole number support our winters with little or no protection, as designated by this mark † ; those most tender need only to have a box or barrel placed over them during winter. Where any kinds are designated as climbers, it is meant that they grow tall, and are suitable for training, &c.

530 † Single China rose Rosa indica
531 † Double red, or daily pallida
532 † Hamilton, or Maximus, large deep red maxima
533 † Hundred leaved tea scented centifolia odorata
535 † Crimson and white bicolor
536 † Golden striped bark, very curious aurea
537 † Dwarf, or pompone, very small and delicate minor
538 † Whitish flowered subalba
539 † Dutchess of Dino, or Maiden's blush, a climber albiflora
540 † Dark purple China rose atro purpurea
541 † Grandval, or Hermite, splendid speciosa
542 † Willow leaved salicifolia
543 † Hybrid blush rose, a little striped, and a climber hybrida carnea
544 † Maheka, new hybrid lilac, a climber hybrida lilacina
545 † Bluish, or diversiflora, variegated cerulea
546 † Tea scented, of exquisite fragrance odorata
547 † Purple tea scented of Florence purpurea
548 † White tea scented, exquisitely sweet americana
549 † Single tea scented simplex
550 Double yellow tea scented lutea
551 † Belle traversi, new dark red tea scented superba
552 † New hybrid, fine red, a climber hybrida nova
553 † Thornless duplex inermis
554 † Bourduge nova var.
555 † Countess of Fresnel, double blush nova var.
556 † Dutchess of Parma, double striped  
557 † Princess Therese nova v.
559 † Chaussé, very bright red Chaussé
560 † Gigantic, large deep red gigantea
561 † Gorge de pigeon, fine v.
562 † Herbert's new climber, single herberti
563 † Magnificent magnifica
564 † Monstrous, fine blush monstrosa
566 † Dark purple, beautiful obscura
568 † Melanie v.
570 † Roxelane rose, pretty red, in monstrous clusters, a climb. v.
571 † Zulmé, full double red v.
572 † Baroness Amelie, prolific; often with a bud in centre of flower, vanilla scented v.
573    Profuse flowering, or Bengal florida, large and beautiful full double maiden's blush florida
574 † Chinese sweet briar, a climber rubiginosa
575 †            imperial imperialis
578 †            white chinensis alba
579 † Vanilla scented, extremely fragrant odoratissima
581 † Belle Chinoise, brilliant red v.
583    Single dark velvet semperflorens
584 † Single flesh colored incarnata
585    Double dark velvet, or Otaheite atrorubens
586    Deep crimson, or anemone flowered sanguinea
587 † Flesh colored carmosina
588 † Blackish purple, deep velvet Rosa atronigra
589    Knight's bichonia, partially striped bichonia
590 † Knight's resplendent, fine, full double dark purple resplendens
591 † Knight's regent, semi double red velvet regalis
592 † Knight's animating, very sweet v.
593 †                invincible v.
596 † Belle de Monza, vanilla scent. nova v.
597    Miss Lawrance's do. the smallest and most delicate of all roses Lawranciae
598    Double do plena
599    Lord Macartney's evergreen white, a climber bracteata
600    Macartney's new evergreen white, a climber vera
601    Three leaved do. a climber sinica
602 † Greville's superb do. or scarlet multiflora, a climber, with flowers of various shades in the same cluster Rosa Grevilli
603    Lady Banks' do, or White ever-green multiflora, new superb and thornless, a climber Banksia
604    Double yellow Banksian, or Yellow evergreen multiflora, a climber lutea
605 † Roxburg's single white do. a climber Rooxburgii
606    Involucrated do involucrata
607 † Boursaultian, fine large red climber and thornless Boursaulti
608 † White Boursaultian, large and superb full double maiden's blush, a climber alba
609    Mauritius mauritania
610 † Diminutive leaved Chinese, with the most delicate foliage, and very large double crimson flowers microphylla
611    Striped diminutive leaved striata
613 † Powdered leaved Nepal, a climber nepalensis
614 † Nepal reddished branched do. the flowers said to be pale yellow sp. nepal
615    Long's Arkansas, small-foliage Longi
616 † Red multiflora Flora's Garland or wreath rose, a climber multiflora
617 † Double white do. a climber alba
619    Cherokee, or Evergreen Georgia large white flowers  
620 † Champney's double pink cluster, a climber Champneyana
621 † New deep pink cluster, a climber Rosa v.
622 † New small colored do. a climber v.
624 † Neat flowering pink cluster, a climber pulchella
626    Single blush color do. a climber simplex
627 † Nosette's double blush cluster, a climber nosetti
628 † New red nosette. small and delicate rubra
629 † New grey centre do. a climber coeur gris
630 † Azelie nosette v.
631 † Herbemont's Caroline, a light blush climber Herbemonti
632 † Double white musk cluster, a climber moschata
633    Single    do       do. a climber simplici
634 † Princese of Nassau, a new musk variety, a climber v.
635 † Prince's superb double white cluster, a climber superba
636 † Mrs. Cochrane's favorite cluster, a new climber  
637 † Suter rose, a climber, with double crimson flowers  
638 † Carmine cluster  
639 † New pearl colored cluster  
640 † Double Macartney  
642 † Lady Balcomb, tea rose  
643 † La Sarmenteuse, tea rose, pure white and superb  
644 † Fine double blush musk, new  
645 ‡ Superb deep blush Champneys, new  
646 † Parisian belle  
647 † La farida, curious  
648 † Superb white Nosette  
649 † French pure white Nosette, with folded petals  
650 † Prince's white Nosette  
651 † French white tea scented  
652 † Yellowish musk cluster, or Muscade jaune  
653 † Belle Italienne Nosette  
654 † Bourbon tea rose  
655 † La desirée tea rose  
656 † Camellia China rose  
657 † Cramoisie fine China rose  
658 † Chinese Ranunculus  
659 † Prince's celestial cluster  
660 † Chinese new large blush, very fine  

N. B. About twenty other Chinese varieties are now under culture, and will be enumerated in the next Catalogue.

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