Catalogue of Fruit and Ornamental Trees, etc. (1825) pp. 114-115
William Prince, Proprietor

Chinese monthly Roses

1384* Single China rose Rosa indica
1385* Double red or daily do. pallida
1386* Hamilton dark do. maxima
1387* Hundred leaved do. centifolia
1388* Hundred leaved sweet scented do. odorata
1389* Semidouble purple do. purpurea
1390* Crimson and white do. bicolor
1391* Striped flowered do. striata
1392* Large do. do. major
1393* Dwarf or pompone do. very small and delicate minor
1394* White do. subalba
1395* Dark purple do. atrapurpurea
1396* Splendid new do. speciosa
1397* Willow leaved do. salicifolia
1398* Hybrid do. hybrida
1399* Bluish do. cerulea
1400 Terneaux do. terneauxi
1401 Blackish do. nigricans
1402* Tea scented do. of exquisite fragrance odorata
1403 Single tea scented do. simplici
1404 Single velvet do. semperflorens
1405 Double velvet or Otaheite do. atrorubens
1406* Deep crimson do. sanguinea
1407* Flesh coloured do. carmosina
1408* Elegant do. elegans
1409* Fragrant do. fragrans
1410 Little favourite do. minima
1411 Miss Lawrence's do. the smallest and most
delicate of all roses**
1412* Blush changeable do. variegated diversiflora
1413 Lord Macartney's white do. bracteata
1414 Three leaved do. sinica
1415* Greville's superb do. Grevillii
1416 Lady Banks' do. Banksiae
1417 Roxburg's single multiflora do. Roxburgii
1418* Double multiflora do. multiflora
1419* New purple do. do. purpurea
1420 Involucrated do. involucrata
1421 Boursoultian  do. Boursoulti
1422 Fraser's do. Fraseri
1423 Hyacinthine do. hyacinthina
1424 Knight's bichonia do. bichonia
1425*              resplendent do. resplendens
1426              regent rose regalis
1427 Knight's morduersa do. Rosa morduersa
1428              animating do. v.
1429              invincible do. v.
1430              grand brilliant do. v.
1431              exuberant do. v.
1432* Nepal do. nepalensis
1433* Champney's blush cluster do. Champneyana
1434* Noisette's superb do. Noisetti
1435* Herbemont's do. Herbemonti
1436* Tranquillana do. tranquillana
1437* American evergreen do. laevigata
1438* Long's Arkansaw do. Longii

These checked thus * though generally cultivated a Green-House Plants, will stand the winters of the Middle States in the open air, and a very large proportion of the others will support the winters of the Southern States.

** So called in London, in honour of Miss Lawrence of that city, authoress of a splendid work on this delightful class of plants.

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