Prince's Manual of Roses p. 27 (1846)


This beautiful evergreen family of Roses, is strikingly distinct from all others. All the varieties have fine glossy foliage, and small cupped flowers of neat and beautiful appearance, which are produced in wreaths. Their growth is very rapid, and they form very lengthy shoots in a single season, which are thornless with but two exceptions. This may be deemed the only tender class of Roses, and with the addition of one other variety, comprises all that are really so in this latitude. If trained on the south side of a fence or building, they will only require to be well bound with straw, but when in exposed locations, they must be protected by coiling the branches on the earth and covering them with a frame, or they may be placed in a green-house or cellar, free from extreme frost.

Name Color and Character $ cts.
1012. Alba grandiflora, F. Very large, white, 1 00
1013. Blanc double superb, Fine white, 1 00
1014. Cherokee, Georgia Evergreen, or Laevigata, Large, single white, spiny, 50
1015. Epineux, a fleur-pleine, Spiny, neat flowers, 75
1016. Jaune Serin, or Jaune vif, Bright yellow, 62
1017. Odoratissima, F. White, odor of orange blossoms, 62
1018. Philadelphica, Pale yellow, single, 50
1019. Rosea, Bright roseate, 62
1020. Virginalis, Pure white, full double, 62
1021. White, F. White evergreen Multiflora. Pure white, pretty, 37 to 50
1022. Yellow, Yellow evergreen Multiflora. Fine yellow, in profusion, 37 to 50

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