Paxton's Magazine of Botany, and Register of Flowering Plants, 2: 33, 34 (1836)

Select List of Ornamental Creepers

Rosa Boursoulti   pink 13 ft Evergreen twiner, for a south wall.
  Indica   light red 20 ft All evergreen shrubby kinds; they make a fine show when well mixed, and trained against a south or south-east wall, where they are rather sheltered. The first will thrive in the most exposed situations, but it flowers finer if the place of growth is sheltered from cutting winds.
  centifolia purple
  purpurea dark purple
  sub-alba purple white
  media light purple
  fragrans light purple
  alba white
  odorata   purple white 8 ft
  flavescens light yellow 6 ft
  semperflorens   red 10 ft
  Barclayana   purple red 6 ft
  Banksiae   white 20 ft Evergreen twiners, they both require a south wall to grow them to perfection. They do well on trellis, mixed with decid. Clematis.
  lutea yellow 20 ft
  ruga   black 20 ft Deciduous climber.
  sempervirens   white 20 ft An evergreen trailer, good in rustic work.
  (Clare’s) crimson 6 ft Evergreen, shrubby.
  Grevillii   purple 20 ft Evergreen twiner, requires a warm situation.
  Roxburghii   light purple 13 ft Evergreen, trellis against a south wall.
  noisette   light purple 10 ft All evergreen shrubby kinds, must be planted in a light soil and warm situation to do well. They make a fine show on a trellis in front of a house on a south aspect.
  grandiflora "
  Fraseri "
  purpurea dark purple
  new yellow yellow
  Longii   red
  Russeliana   light purple 20 ft Deciduous, fine for the south part of a cottage.
  moschata   white 12 ft Evergreen trailer, requires a warm situation.
  multiflora platiphylla purple Evergreen, finest wall rose grown.
  nivea   white 20 ft Deciduous twiner, will bear a somewhat exposed place.

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