Hortus Paddingtonensis: Or, A Catalogue of Plants Cultivated in the Garden of J. Symmons, Esq. Paddington House, pp. 76-78 (1797)

By William Salisbury, Gardener

Rosa alba Single White Rose H.
v. incarnate Maiden's Blush ditto H.
v. plena Double White ditto H.
alpina Thornless ditto H.
canina Dog ditto H.
caroliniana Great Burnet-leaved Rose H.
centifolia Dutch hundred-leaved ditto H.
v. burgundiae Burgundy ditto H.
v. holosericea Single velvet ditto H.
v. holosericea plena Double velvet ditto H.
v. major Great Royal ditto H.
v. rubicans Blush hundred-leaved ditto H.
v. Singletoni Singleton's hundred-leaved ditto H.
v. sultana Sultan ditto H.
v. — Bishop ditto H.
v. — Lisbon ditto H.
cinnamomea Single Cinnamon ditto H.
damascena Red Damask ditto H.
v. alba White monthly ditto H.
v. belgica Blush-belgic ditto H.
v. carnea Blush monthly ditto H.
v. incarnata Blush Damask ditto H.
v. menstrualis Red monthly ditto H.
v. versicolor York and Lancaster ditto H.
gallica Red-officinal ditto H.
v. marmorea Marbled ditto H.
v. versicolor Rosa Mundi H.
Virgin ditto H.
indica Pale-flowered ever-blowing Rose G.
lutea Single yellow ditto H.
moschata Single musk ditto H.
v. rubra  Red musk ditto H.
muscosa Moss Provence ditto H.
pimpinellifolia Small burnet-leaved ditto H.
provincialis Common Provence ditto H.
v. alba White Provence ditto H.
v. pallida Blush Provence ditto H.
v. prolifera Childing Provence ditto H.
v. ruberrima Red Provenve ditto H.
v. — De Meux H.
v. — De Rheims H.
v. — Pompone H.
pumila Dwarf austrian ditto H.
rubiginosa Common Sweet-briar H.
v. multiplicata Semi-double ditto H.
v. plena Double ditto H.
v. sempervirens Manning's ditto H.
semperflorens Ever-blowing Rose G.
sempervirens Evergreen ditto H.
sinica Chinese ditto G.
spinosissima Common Scotch ditto H.
v. maculata Marbled Scotch ditto H.
v. plena Double Scotch ditto H.
sulphurea Levant, or double yellow Rose H.
turbinata Frankfort ditto H.
villosa Single Apple-bearing ditto H.
v. plena Double Apple-bearing ditto H.

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